Between the hammer an the anvil

2004 is the year I learned blacksmithing by reading everything I could get my hands on about forging : traditional and modern techniques, tool making, etc...
During this period, I also accumulated a few basic tool : 100 year old anvil, hand hammer and a coal forge.

In 2005, I picked up my hammer and lit the forge for the first time and it has been burning ever since.
I work alone at the anvil and this is an absolute "must" if I want to be creative and fluid at creating these "one of a kind" items for your home.

Here's a brief description of my products :

Naz Forge is a one man operated blacksmith shop that runs on passion.
I love everything about blacksmithing, from the spark in the back of my head that lights a new idea to the spark that lights the forge.

My main tools being the hand hammer and anvil, I achieve my goals using traditional & modern blacksmithing techniques.

I take great pride in every item I make, the items you see here are all hand forged one at a time making each one unique. When the photos show the actual item that is for sale, it will say so in the description. If not, the one in the photos will be one I made previousely and the one for sale will meet or exceed the quality and details you see.
Nothing leaves my shop unless I'm 100% satisfied with the finished product.

These hand forged items are made to last for generations.

Purchased items are shipped on the following 1-2 buisness days unless it is a custom order.

To view more of my forgings & original designs, you may visit my facebook page here :(Don't forget to "like" my facebook page to keep up with my new items)<br />
Thanks for your interest and support to the craft !

Claude Nazair

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